Comparison of 4 Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Models

Cusinart makes 4 freezer-bowl models of ice cream makers. These are ICE-21, ICE-30, ICE-60, and ICE-70. (You may have come across the ICE-20 on some sites, but this model has been discontinued.) In this article we will focus on the features that vary from model to model.

When I was doing an in depth review of the ICE-60 model, I realized that 3 of these models were very similar. I decided that it would be easier to compare them if I could see at a glance what the differences were. To the chart below I have added the ICE-21 model because it is the only other freezer-bowl type ice cream maker made by Cuisinart.




price0 - $750- $75$100 - $150$100 - $150
colorwhite, pink, redbrushed stainless steelwhitebrushed chrome
capacity1.5 quarts2 quarts2 quarts2 quarts
adding mix insthrough open hole in the center of the lidthrough open hole in the center of the lidthrough open hole in the center of the lidthrough open hole in the center of the lid
paddlesThe bowl rotates. The paddle remains still.The bowl rotates. The paddle remains still.The bowl rotates. The paddle remains still.The bowl rotates. The paddle remains still.
variety of dessertsAll are processed the same way.All are processed the same way.3 speeds. Select for gelato, ice cream, or sorbet3 speeds. Select for gelato, ice cream, or sorbet
timer?nonoauto set. Different times for each of the 3 dessert types. Unit beeps when time expires.count down timer allows you to set time.
dimensions10.8 X 10.8 X 15.88.25X 8 X 11.2512.5 X 12.875 X 1812.5 X 12.875 X 18
mixing time20 minutes25 minutesup to 40 minutes depending on the dessert typeYou set the timer for up to a maximum of 60 minutes, depending on dessert type.
weight10 lbs.13.5 lbs.14 lbs.14 lbs.
controlson/off switchon/off dial3 speed options for different dessert types3 speeds plus countdown timer


All of these Cuisinart appliances carry a 3 year limited warranty. By the way, if you do purchase the discontinued ICE-20 model, the 3 year warranty is still good. If, for some reason, the unit fails during that warranty coverage period, the company will replace it with the ICE-21 model.

Noise level is common with this type of ice cream maker.
All of these models use the double insulated freezer bowl. The bowls for the 2 quart models are all the same.
With all of these models, the bowl rotates and the paddle remains still.

Differing features


Currently the ICE-21 and ICE-30 are each less than $75 on Amazon. The ICE-60 and ICE-70 are each between $100 and $150.


OK, color has nothing to do with how well the units function. But if having it match your kitchen décor is important to you, color might become a deciding factor. So, I did include it on the chart.


The ICE-21 and the ICE-30 do not have built in timers. If you plan to be out of the room while the churning is in process, you may want to set your own kitchen timer to remind yourself that you should check the progress after about 20 minutes.
With the ICE-60, a timer is automatically set according to your choice of dessert types – ice cream, gelato, or sorbet.
The ICE-70 is the only model that allows you to set a specific number of minutes – up to a maximum of 60 minutes.


The ICE-21 and ICE-30 have only the on/off control switch or dial. The ICE-60 and ICE-70 have 3 different speed options. With the ICE-70 you have the ability to control the timing.

processing of variety of desserts

The ICE-21 and ICE-30 process all frozen desserts the same way. The ICE-60 and ICE-70 offer three different speed settings for different types of desserts.


ICE-21 is 1.5 quarts, and the other 3 have a 2 quart capacity. This may or may no be an issue for your household. If you have a large family or your house tends to be the hangout for a lot of active teens with big appetites, this might be important. But for a couple or a small family the 1.5 quart may be perfectly adequate.

To sum it up

Other than the color options, the only real difference between the two lower priced models is capacity. The ICE-21 makes up to 1.5 quarts, while the ICE-30 makes 2 quarts. The controls are limited to on/off.

The ICE-60 and ICE-70 are identical except for the countdown timer on the ICE-70 model.

I think the decision regarding which Cuisinart freezer-bowl model to buy comes down to controls. Do you want to pay the higher price to get greater ability to control the speed of churning and the timing?

I hope the above information helps to simplify the decision for you.