Welcome to Kera’s Kitchen!

We value good quality.  We believe that the ultimate reason for creating a well-functioning kitchen is “good food”.  We want our kitchen to be a place where we can efficiently create nutritious, attractive, and delicious meals for our family.  The tools we use should be sturdy, well made, and durable.

A well-equipped kitchen is a joy to work in, but  finding the best brands and models of the many available options can be very time consuming.  So we have done the work for you.  We research and review the pros and cons of several popular brands of kitchen tools and small appliances.

If you are looking for an appliance that we have not yet researched please let us know about your interest.  We appreciate hearing from you.  It helps to guide our efforts.

Because our ultimate goal is helping you prepare nutritious food, we also research information about healthy recipes.  We look for dishes that are free of the most common allergens and that do not contain added sugars.

We encourage you to select ingredients that are grown organically and that are free of harmful additives.